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The University o NevsehirHaciBektasVeli
Engineering and Architecture Faculty
Department of Biosystem Engineering,

M. CuneytBagdatli is working as Assistant Professor in The University of NevsehirHaciBektasVeli, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of Biosystem Engineering in Turkey since 2014. He completed Ph.D. Department of Agricultural Structures and Irrigation in Turkey. He worked as a research assistant in Namik Kemal University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Biosystem Engineering (2008-2013). He served as project head and researcher in 18 projects supported by Namik Kemal University, BilecikSeyhEdebali University, SiirtUniversity and The University of NevsehirHaciBektasVeli, Scientific Research Projects Units. He is having 60 articles and Syposium, Conference on Irrigation, Hdrology, Climate Change, Hydrology, Watershed Management, Water quality, Remote sensing and GIS mapping, The system management in automatic irrigation, fertilization, pesticide and greenhouse. Heavy metal pollution in water and soil.

Research Interest:
Irrigation and Irrigation Systems in Agriculture, Watershed Management, Global Climate Change and Hydrology, The Management of Water and Soil Resources, The Use of Remote Sensing and Geography Information Systems (GIS) in Agriculture, Agricultural Water Quality and GIS modelling, Heavy metal pollution in soil and water, The System Management in Automatic Irrigation, Fertilization, Pesticide and Greenhouse