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Vladimir K. Mukhomorov

Senior Researcher
Department of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
S.I.Vavilov’s State Optical Institute


Dr. Mukhomorov Vladimir K is a Senior Researcher, Department of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, S.I.Vavilov’s State Optical Institute, Leningrad, USSR. He completed his Post-graduate course, Polytechnical University, Leningrad, USSR.He is the author of the books: 1. Mukhomorov V.K. “Modeling of chemical compounds bioactivity. Relationships of structure - bioactivity”. Lambert Academic Publisher. Saarbrucken. Germany. 2012 (in Russian) p.165. ISBN: 978-3-659-19941-7.He published more than 160 research articles.

Research Interest:

Physics of Condensed Matter, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, Nanostructures, Agrophysics and Agrochemistry, Relationships Bioactivity – Structure of Chemical Compounds, Information Theory in Biology and Chemistry, Biophysics, Chemical Physics, Optical Spectroscopy.