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Simone Brogi

Research Associate
European Research Centre for Drug Discovery and Development (NatSynDrugs) and Department of
Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmacy
University of Siena


Dr. Simone Brogi got his “Laurea” in Biological Sciences in 2005. During his Master training, he started the studies in the field of molecular modelling. He obtained the Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2010. During his Ph.D. research activity he used different computational techniques applied to diverse drug target with relevant achievements. Actually, DrBrogi is a research fellow at the Department of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmacy at University of Siena, Italy. DrBrogi is the head of Molecular Modeling Unit in the research group directed by Prof. Giuseppe Campiani. The scientific production of DrBrogi consists of over 40 papers published on international peer-reviewed journals, one patent and one book chapter. DrBrogi research activity has been mainly focused on computational approaches in drug discovery with particular attention to lead optimization in terms of pharmacokinetics properties and metabolic stability.