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Adel Abu BakrAbd El-Hamid Shatta

Department of Food Technology
Suez Canal University


Professor Adel Shatta did his Ph.D. of "Microbiological Studies on Some Egyptian Fruit Juices" from Suez Canal University with cooperation of Federal Research Center for Nutrition, Institute of Hygiene and Toxicology, Karlsruhe, Germany (Egyptian Research long-term Scholarship "Channel-system"). He is the Unit Director of the follow-up of graduates, Fac. of Agriculture, Suez Canal Univ. He got several awards and letters of thanks from the University and the International Biographical Centre, of Cambridge, England as well as the scientific oversight for some food factories. Next to arbitration numerous awards and outstanding programs in Egyptian universities. Prof. Adel Shatta have serve as a member on several scientific Editorial Board

Research interest:

•Food Technology
•Food Chemistry
•Food Microbiology
•Food Toxicology
•Food Fermentation
•Fruit and Vegetables Processing
•Food safety
•Rheological Properties of Foods
•Food Preservation Technology
•Natural Antimicrobial agents