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Stavros Lalas

Dept. of Food Technology
Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly
Terma N. Temponera street, GR-43100, Karditsa,


Stavros Lalas graduated BSc in Agricultural Technology on 1991 and Food Technology on 1995, PhD in Food Technology on 1998. He is Full Professor at the Department of Food Technology of Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly. He has extensive experience in isolation, separation and identification of natural extracts and determination of their antioxidant activity. He also has experience on analytical techniques. He participated in 42 research (in 6 as scientific coordinator) and educational programs. He has published 49 articles in international scientific journals (with more than 1100 citations), 2 chapters in books, more than 38 works in national and international conferences. He is also a member of the Committee of 5 PhD thesis and 4 MSc projects, member of the editorial board of 11 and reviewer in 86 international scientific journals. He is a member of the American Chemical Society.

Research Interest:

•Extraction using various methods and total characterization of vegetable oils.
•Extraction and identification of natural antioxidants from plant extracts.
•Determination of stability during frying/heating of various vegetable oils.
•Detection of adulteration of vegetable oils.
•New methods of analysis of fats and oils.
•Humic and fulvic acids.
•Cloud point extraction of food industry wastes.