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Ali Meawad Ahmed

Department of Food Hygiene
Suez Canal University


Prof. Dr. Ali Meawad Ahmed had completed his Ph.D. in Food Hygiene from Suez Canal University with cooperation of Virginia Polytechnic & State University, USA (Egyptian Research Long-Term Scholarship “Channel-System”). He is a professor of Food Hygiene in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Suez Canal University since 2007. He was a chief of Food Hygiene department sincer 2009 to 2011. Now, he is a Vice Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine for Environmental Affairs and Community Services. He follows the scientific school that fervors food safety, meat hygiene, meat technology, meat microbiology, fish hygiene, and poultry hygiene. He has published more than 71 scientific papers in local and international journals in the field of Meat Safety.

Research Interest:

•Food Safety 
•Meat Hygiene
•Meat Technology 
•Meat Microbiology
•Fish Hygiene
•Poultry Hygiene