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Gyanendra Singh

Environmental Carcinogen Unit & Reproductive Toxicity Division
National Institute of Occupational Health (ICMR)
Meghani Nagar, Ahmedabad, 380016 (India)


Dr. Gyanendra Singh earned his Ph.D from Central Drug Research Institute and moved to USA for pursuing postdoctoral research in areas of microbiology and molecular biology at LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, LA and K-State University, Manhattan, KS. He is an expert in molecular biology, microbiology and virology that can be seen from his publications (> 26) appeared in Journal of Virology, PLoS One, PLoS Pathogens and Journal of Biological chemistry.  Currently he is a Scientist in National Institute of Occupational Health and is also serving as an Editor-In- Chief of the Journal of Metabolomics and Systems Biology as well as Associate Editor of Universal Journal of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics respectively. He has been in the editorial board member of repute journals of international fame.

Research Interest:   
Molecular Biology