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Department of Oncology and Stem Cells Fluorotronics, Inc
San Diego, California


Dr. Menaa has over than 15 years experiences in academic institutions and more than 10 years in (bio)pharmaceutical industries such as Guerbet SA, SANOFI, Fluorotronics, Inc. Polyglot, he is experienced as Professor, Principal Investigator, Executive Director, Healthcare, Consulting for companies such as Exiquon and Novartis, Supervisor/Group leader, Thesis Evaluator, Advisor, Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Reviewer, Event organizer, Speaker, Chairman, Moderator, Scientific collaborator, Entrepreneur, Member of various medical and scientific associations. In 2009, Dr. Menaa was promoted to Chief Scientific Officer and R&D&I Executive Vice-President for Fluorotronics, Inc, CA, USA, a leading company in Fluorine Chemistry. He co-developed and applied an innovative green technology called “SpectroFluor™” to Nanomedicine, Oncology, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences. In 2013,Dr. Menaa has (co-)authored more than 100 scientific articles including 1 book, and participated to over 200 scientific events.

Research Interest : 
Personalized Medicine; Preventive Medicine ; Translational Medicine ; Integrative Medicine ; Green Medicine ; Internal Medicine; Oncology; Anti-Aging; OMICS; Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine; Nanomedicine; Biotechnology; Nanotechnology