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Sherien Salah Ghaleb

forensic medicine and clinical toxicology
Cairo university


Dr. Sherein S.Ghaleb is Head of department of forensic medicine and clinical toxicology,  BeniSueif  university. . In 2008 She was selected  as  Deputy of research of Islamic countries organization of forensic medicine (ICOFM) till now. .She is the  General Secretary of the Arab Union of Forensic physicians(AUFP). She was elected in 2012 to be the president of the international association  of  law and forensic sciences(IALFS) till now. 
She is the Founder& Editor of the Egyptian journal of Forensic Sciences which is the first forensic science journal  in the Middle East, Arab and African Countries produced  by the largest publisher in the world,Elsevier.com and available online at sciencedirect.com