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Chernoh M Wurie

Police officer/crime scene technician/police planner
United States


Dr. Chernoh M. Wurie was born and raised mostly in Sierra Leone, Africa.  He emigrated to the U.S. when he was 16 years old and enrolled in high school, and he has been in school ever since.  Dr. Wurie lives in Virginia and currently works full-time for the Prince William County Police Department as a police officer/crime scene technician/police planner.  In his nine years with the police department, he has completed several police-related certification programs, including Crime Scene Technician, Police Photographer, Crisis Intervention Team and Trainer, Criminal Justice Instructor, and Drug and Intervention Policies.  He has also written and published a book, Impact: A Compilation of Positive Police Encounters.  Dr. Wurie is now working on a second book and working on a publication with Walden University.  In addition, Dr. Wurie also teaches at Northern Virginia Community College.