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Principal- Medical Doctor, Secondary-Medical Researcher,
Educator and Administration
Tokyo, Japan.


Dr. KamoiKyuzi is now in a position as a Director of Center of Diabetes Mellitus & Endocrine disease, Joetsu General Hospital, Dr. KamoiKyuzi Professional Executive Member Councilaor of Japan Diabetes Society (JDS) Senior councilor Councilar of JanpanEndcrine Society (JES) Senior councilor Coordinator of NST by JMCNS 2005~  Councilar of Janpan Society of Metabolism & Clinical Nutrition (JMCNS) He serving as Editorial Board member and Editorial Adviser in 33 Journals and he published 221 papers (94 papers written by English)
Research interest:

Dr. KamoiKyuzi scope for clinical research
He is interested in studies of diabetes mellitus on based on endocrinogy and hypertension, and the hypothamus pituitary disorderes based on the endocrinology. My hypothesis is vascular disturbance in diabeteic patients may be related to morning hypertension, and diabete mellitus with type 2 may be due a deficeny of secretion or function in incretin-related hormones, and some patients with isoleted ACTH deficency showed normal ACTH secretin owing to GHRH-2 loading test and true hyponatremia owing to many factors shoud be diagnosed to asses the circulating volume using vena cava by methods before treatment.