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Ali (Cyrus) Banan

University Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Physiology
Executive Director of Translational Medicine Research and Scholarship
University of Windsor School of Medicine (WUSM) and Affiliated Hospital Systems
SKB, West Indies and Chicago, IL, USA


Dr. Ali Cyrus Banan is a Accomplished and seasoned executive with more than 20 years of highly successful research and education experience in the academia and industry, in particular academic higher education and scholarship.
He is also a researcher, teacher and administrator in higher education, Dr. Banan came to Windsor University after serving 4 years as Executive Director of Research and Senior Vice President of Research Development for Emerge and the University of South Carolina Greenville, with previous stints as Chief Science Officer and Senior Vice President Research & Economic Development or Global Executive Head of Research at Emerge, Abbott and Rush University at Chicago.
Served on over 50 professional committees and over 100 national and international organizations, volunteer boards, government/public health councils, industry, and academia.
Leadership responsibility for all aspects of research faculty work-life at the University, including:Promotion and Tenure; Faculty Evaluation; Faculty Senate; Faculty Assignments; Implementation of Collective Bargaining Agreement for Faculty; Faculty Development, including new faculty orientation; Faculty Awards and Recognition; Professional education; Orientation; Faculty dispute resolutions; Accrediting Agency reporting on faculty credentials, competence, governance, academic freedom; Member of the University Executive Cabinet; Oversight of new curricular program development and approval, and related communication with Board of Trustees and accreditation agencies. Oversight of student academic grievance hearings; and other responsibilities.

Research interest:

Role of growth factors (e.g., EGF; TGF-?) in gastrointestinal mucosal protection and repair
The effects of herbal antioxidants on gut mucosal barrier function and inflammatory events: Potential uses in IBD Therapy?
Oxidative effects of alcohol on gastrointestinal mucosa
Novel Mechanism for Alcohol Promotion of Breast and Colon Cancer