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Rula M. Darwish

Professor of Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology Dept., 
Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Jordan 
Amman 11942- Jordan


Rula M Darwish was the Dean of School of Pharmacy /the University of Jordan 2014-2016 and is currently a professor in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology Department. She was awarded a scholarship from the University of Jordan to complete her studies in the UK and got her PhD in Pharmaceutical Microbiology from King Collage /University of London. She publishes in reputable journals and has been serving as an editorial board member of many important Journals. She has good experience in drug development, registration and GMP implementation in addition to administration.
Rula is a member of many important committees such as in committees of the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions (AQACHEI). She was also a member of the higher committee in JFDA and now in the review board ( IRB) in Jordan Food and Drug Administration committee (JFDA), a consultant for important Universities in Jordan a member of the Jordanian society for quality a member of the FIP and others.

Research Interest:

Antibiotics and the effects of formulation ingredients on antimicrobil activity.
Antimicrobial effects (including antifungal, nematicidal etc.) of different plant extracts.
The preserving effect of different formulations.
Microbial Resistance and how to improve the effects of antimicrobial agents on resistant strains of microorganisms.
Control of crossinfections.
Disinfection andSterilization.
Nematicidal effects of natural products.
Investigation of new anticancer drugs from medicinal local plants.
Discovery of new insecticidal natural products from local plants.
Accreditation and quality assurance