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Sridhar Jaligama

Research Scientist Nov 2016
Battelle Memorial Institute Life Science Research Columbus, OH-43016


Dr. Sridhar Jaligama is a toxicologist by training and currently he is a research scientistat Battelle, USA. He received his Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Kakatiya University, India and a doctorate in Toxicology from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Upon completion of his doctoral work, he continued his research in Toxicology as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, where he studied pulmonary immune response of ambient and combustion derived particulates. During his career, Dr. Jaligama was responsible for the technical and scientific oversight of many large-scale in vivo studies examining the hematological and respiratory health impacts of environmental contaminants. Dr. Jaligama has authored/co-authored 12 peer-reviewed publications and presented several abstracts/posters and at national international scientific conferences. He is a recipient of several awards from scientific societies SOT and American College of Toxicology in recognition of his graduate and postdoctoral work.  
His areas of research interests include pharmacology, immunology, asthma, respiratory diseases, and Inhalation and respiratory toxicology.