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Nessa Journal of Marine Biology and Research

Aim and Scope: 

Nessa Journal ofMarine Biology and Researchis a multi-disciplinarypeer-reviewed open access journal, which allows open global access to its published content.The main aim of the journal is to publish research articles in various areas of the relevant subject and to maintain records related to current speculative developments in the discipline.

Nessa Journal of Marine Biology and Research welcomes exemplary scientific articles to publish their research in the peer-reviewed journal.Nessa Journal allows researchers, readers and scientists to exchange their knowledge and ideas and also to share and analyze pioneering issues related to all aspects of Aqua research.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Industrial farming of fish & other sea foods

Fishery Resources

Research & development in aquaculture

Integration engineering technologies & aquaculture

Fresh water & Marine nutritional supplements

Preserving aquatic flora & fauna

Improving water quality of aquatic ecosystems


Biology of Marine Organisms

Intertidal Organism study

Marine Statistics

Chemical Oceanography

Evolution of aquatic organisms

Maritime Anthropology/Biology/Economics/Biogeochemistry/Genetics

Use of aquatic organisms for Pharmaceuticals/Therapeutics

Aquatic Biotechnology


Fresh water aquaculture

Fisheries management

Nutrition and diseases

Biotechnological tools for aqua culture

Aquatic Microbiology



Estuaries and Coastal Zone management

Fishery Science

Fishing Technology


Biochemistry and Physiology of Marine Organisms

Marine Pollution

Marine Engineering

Genetics and breeding

Fisheries engineering and technology

Aquatic ecology

Water sources and quality management

Fisheries oceanography

Animal Health Management

Nutrition and feed technology

Physical Oceanography

Biological Oceanography

Marine Ecology

Coral reef ecology

Marine Habitats

Deep Sea Habitat

Deep Sea Flora and Fauna

Larval Ecology