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NESSA Journal of Nutritional Health Sciences(NJNHS)


Nessa Journal of Nutritional Health Sciences (NJNHS) is an international and multidisciplinary peer- reviewed open access journal supports the scientific innovation and advancement in clinical nutrition, practice, dietary surveys. NJNHS provides a forum for academics, nutritionists, dieticians, physicians, researchers, practitioner to share the latest research in all areas of Nutrition.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Nutrition and Food Health

Vitamins and Minerals

Advanced Clinical Nutrition

Prenatal Nutrition

Food science

Food safety/ hygiene

Appetite, Food Intake and Nutritional Status

Eating Disorders 

Public Health Nutrition


Dietary Recommendations

Nutritional Epidemiology

Food chemistry

Obesity, Weight Control

Food & Nutritional Science

Nutritional Toxicities

Nutritional Immunology

Nutritional Epidemiology

Nutritional Methodologies 


Animal Physiology/Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Nutrition in Aging

Molecular Nutrition

Food and nutrition disorders